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The RCMA & CMA represent the voices of 2,200 Riverside County physicians
and 50,000 physicians state-wide

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As a physician practicing medicine in Riverside County, you will face many unique challenges. However, the good news is that you don 't have to face them alone. The RCMA, along with the California Medical Association (CMA), is here to help you and your practice be successful. Consider how the RCMA & CMA meets your 2 greatest areas of needs:

The Big Picture

Partnering together as physicians allows us to have a united voice at the local, state and national level to address the critical legislation affecting your practice. On May 23, Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill 35 (MICRA Modernization) into law. This ended a decades long battle we have fought to protect our physicians from, saving your practice thousands of dollars per year in liability insurance increases. We are dedicated to the preservation of MICRA protections which provide long-term stability for malpractice premiums and frivolous lawsuits. This is just one of dozens of pieces of legislation introduced every year attempting to increase the cost of practicing medicine, while decreasing the reimbursement rate for your services. However, together we are stronger.

Practice Management

The cost of quality resources and consultations from multiple different companies to make sure your business runs smoothly can be staggering. Partnering together with the RCMA & CMA allows us to pool resources to provide for your practice management needs as part of your annual dues. From reimbursement help with Medicare, support with your contracts, or even to support training for your medical office staff, the RCMA is here to help you succeed.

There is no doubt that the benefits of membership far outweigh the reasonable cost to join. Please contact the RCMA at (800) 472-6204 or with any questions or to get the application process started.