RCMA Physicians’ Confidential Line (844) 4DOCPRN

Physicians Supporting Physicians

Are you a Riverside County Physician experiencing any of the following?

Alcohol or Drug Misuse
Financial stress
Troubled Workplace Relationships

Mental Health Issues
Career & Life Transitions

(844) 4DOCPRNRCMA’s Physicians’ Confidential Helpline offers emotional support in a safe and confidential environment where you can share freely the challenges you’re facing without fear of repercussion. This confidential phone line is staffed by local peers who are eager to lend an ear and assist you with addressing your current situation.

This CONFIDENTIAL line provides:

  • Responsive compassionate peers to listen to you
  • Resources to assist you with overcoming your challenges
  • Referrals to manage your struggles

Please call to talk with a local peer at 844-4DOCPRN (844) 436-2776

Call the Statewide Physicians’ Confidential Assistance Line at (213) 383-2691

Both are 24-hour lines – available 365 days a year.

Pick up the phone - We are waiting for you!
(844) 4DOCPRN | (844) 436-2776

Please be advised any communication with this helpline does not establish a physician-patient relationship.